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Webinar: 2020 Election Outlook: A Health Advocate's Guide to The 2020 Cycle

No matter the outcomes, the 2020 elections - state and federal - will have significant implications for health and health care. In Election Outlook - A Health Advocates Guide to This Cycle, you will learn what health care issues are driving the conversation this elections cycle and hear polling results and issues that are resonating with rural voters in battleground states. This webinar is the first in a three-part Election Outlook webinar series. The subsequent Election Outlook webinars will be hosted by our sister organization, Families USA, on October 7th at 3 ET and November 4th at 3 ET. 


Featured Speakers:

  • Lisa Hunter, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA Action

  • Geoff Garin, President, Hart Research Associates

  • Melissa Burroughs, Senior Oral Campaign Manager, Families USA Action

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