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New Analysis Shows Health Coverage for Hundreds of Thousands of Nevadans Threatened by Trump's Plan


Years of Progress for Latinos, African-Americans, Women and Young Adults Could be Lost

Washington, D.C. – Donald’s Trump’s health care plan, which would “completely repeal” the Affordable Care Act (ACA), would strip individual coverage from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans, including 10,124 Latinos, 2,812 African-Americans, 7,933 young adults, and 47,598 women, according to an analysis released today by Families USA Action.

Other key findings from the analysis include:

  • Trump’s plan would enable insurance companies to resume denying coverage based on pre-existing or chronic conditions – like diabetes, high blood pressure, or a previous cancer – threatening coverage for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans, including 46,100 working-age Latinos, 19,400 working-age African-Americans, and 105,000 working-age women.

  • The Trump plan would also eliminate the prohibition that prevents insurers from charging women discriminatory premiums, putting at risk the coverage of the approximately about 84,000 Nevada women who buy their own health insurance. Before this prohibition was established, women were often charged as much as 30 percent more for the same coverage as a man.

  • The right for young adults to stay on their parents’ health care plan would come to an end, meaning 118,000 Nevadans ages 18-25, who are now on their parents’ plan, would lose that coverage.

Trump would hit low-income Nevadans particularly hard by replacing the Medicaid program with a block grant that would jeopardize existing coverage for approximately 220,000 Latinos, 80,000 African-Americans, 138,000 adult women, and 115,000 girls under the age of 18.

Clinton, on the other hand, has proposed providing additional subsidies to make plans purchased on the marketplace more affordable, offering financial assistance to Nevadans who pay more than 5 percent of their income towards medical expenses, and generating new resources to help community groups get qualifying Floridians enrolled in a health care plan.

The analysis – released as part of Families USA Action’s 2016 “Vote Your Health” campaign — is based on information the candidates have publicly provided, and then contrasted with publicly available government data or other reliable studies. Some of the populations in these numbers will overlap. 

“The differences between the two candidates on healthcare is staggering and voters need to be made aware of that,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA Action. “We can keep making steady progress toward offering affordable health insurance for all, or go back to the dark days when insurance companies could discriminate against and deny coverage to people with chronic health problems.”

Families USA Action plans to get this information in front of the voters through its own network and with the help of its state supporters.

Families USA Action is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to achieving a health care system that works for everyone and to educating Americans about how the decisions they make at the ballot box affect their health and their families’ economic security. 

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