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In communities across America, the rise of big hospital corporations has given birth to medical monopolies that prey on families and patients, capitalizing on their vulnerability and burdening them with escalating healthcare costs. These corporations shamelessly add junk fees (hidden, surprise fees that companies sneak onto customer bills, increasing costs and stifling competition) to medical bills and unapologetically charge higher rates for identical services, perpetuating a cycle of financial strain on hardworking individuals.

Demanding  Fairness in Health Care:
Same Service, Same Price Advocacy

Today, the need for "Same Service, Same Price" has never been more urgent. Our healthcare system is under siege by corporate giants manipulating the market and exploiting their dominance to inflate prices. Families and patients find themselves ensnared in a web of exorbitant bills, facing the unjust consequences of these predatory practices.

Why We Need Same Service, Same Price:

Join the movement for fairness in healthcare. Let Congress know that it's time to stand up against the unchecked power of big hospital corporations. Advocate for "Same Service, Same Price" policies that will protect patients, promote transparency, and ensure that healthcare remains a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Together, we can build a healthcare system that prioritizes the well-being of individuals and families over corporate profits. Tell Congress today that we demand fairness in healthcare – Same Service, Same Price!

What Can We Do About It?

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